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The Foles Believe Foundation Partners With Local Churches To Help Chicago Families

September 02, 2020

Chicago, IL - It was announced today the Foles Believe Foundation has teamed up with the Chicago Partnership through their grassroots program Chicago Delivers to provide hot meals to families in need. The Chicago Partnership is comprised of local churches in Chicago, committed to serving as the hands and feet of Jesus in Chicago.

The mission is two-fold: to provide safe, contactless food assistance, and to support minority-owned businesses. To do this, local restaurants are being employed to offer hot, prepared meals for pickup at churches throughout the South and West sides. In addition, all recipients will have the opportunity to sign up for ongoing assistance from a local church through the Chicago Partnership’s Adopt-a-Family program.

“The Foles Believe Foundation is proud to partner with Chicago Delivers in support of Chicago families in need,” said Nick Foles, Chicago Bears Quarterback and Chairman of the Foles Believe Foundation. “Together, we shall make a difference.”

The relationship between the Foles Believe Foundation and Chicago Delivers was formed as Covid-19 and civil unrest started to impact the city’s most vulnerable populations and local restaurants. In the first phase, over 3,500 hot meals have been prepared and distributed by Dirty Birds Kitchen in the parking lot of Progressive Baptist Church.

About the Foles Believe Foundation

The Foles Believe Foundation is dedicated to impacting & serving those in need. Youth initiatives, family crisis counseling, homelessness, military, mental and overall health are areas close to the hearts of Nick and Tori Foles. Serving these areas will be done in Jesus’ name.

About Chicago Delivers

Chicago Delivers is a campaign of The Chicago Partnership – a multi-ethnic, multi-denominational team of leaders from local churches working to help make Jesus visible in every neighborhood of Chicago.

About the Chicago Partnership

The Chicago Partnership for Church Planting has helped to plant 21 churches in the last eight years. The Chicago Partnership for Church Planting launched in 2009 with three initial churches each contributing $25,000 to help fund church planters. Since then, the organization has continued to grow in number and scope, continuing to train and fund church leaders. The Chicago Partnership has a vision of planting over 100 in Chicago over the next ten years.